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A variety of cell division that leads to four daughter cells Every single with 50 % the amount of chromosomes with the parent mobile, as inside the production of gametes and plant spores.

undifferentiated cells which might be contrary to any specific Grownup mobile nevertheless they have got the crucial power to form any adult mobile

a little bug which feeds by sucking sap from plants; reproduce fast, sometimes manufacturing Reside youthful devoid of mating, and huge numbers may cause considerable harm to crops.

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A vein connecting the capillary bed on the intestines Along with the capillary mattress of the liver. This allows amino acids and glucose absorbed from your intestines to get shipped to start with to the liver for processing prior to getting transported all through the circulatory technique.

Aiding you simply supply the new DP Biology syllabus, this completely new suite of on line Instructor resources matches The brand new syllabus and hyperlinks Along with the Oxford Training course Reserve, to extend Discovering.

An electrical machine for stimulating or steadying the heartbeat or reestablishing the rhythm of the arrested coronary heart.

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The light-delicate interior floor of the attention, containing the receptor rods and cones in addition layers of neurons that get started the processing of visual details.

Little hairlike extensions of cells that line the respiratory tract. Transfer within a wave-like vogue that will help eliminate dust and germs from the body.

A gelatinous content derived from a certain marine algae; applied as being a foundation for bacterial culture media

An enzyme secreted while in the digestive tract that catalyzes the breakdown of fats into personal fatty acids that can be absorbed into your bloodstream

The amount of biological or residing variety for every device area. It consists of the concepts of species diversity, habitat diversity and genetic diversity.

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